Fundamentalist TV Station Censors Attenborough Over Evolution

When a Dutch religious TV station with a creationist agenda showed David Attenborough’s wildlife documentary series The Life of Mammals it edited out all references to evolution.

Evangelical Broadcasting made the changes to the BBC series when it was shown on Dutch TV this summer. In one example, Sir David’s commentary was changed from: “We will look at the lives of our closest relatives” to “we will also take a look at the apes”. Fossils are mentioned without the dates given in the BBC script. Several scenes with Sir David have been cut out of the Dutch version because they contradicted the fundamentalist view of creation.

Sir David Attenborough said he was “unhappy that they should change it because I meant what I said when I said it.”

The BBC usually allows broadcasters to make minor edits to its programmes to remove references that might be “inappropriate” in a particular cultural setting. Evangelical Broadcasting, therefore, is not seen as being in breach of its contract.

See how the evangelicals doctored the series here as YouTuber Obdurodon exposes the extent of OE censorship

See also: Council of Europe condemns teaching of creationism


One response to “Fundamentalist TV Station Censors Attenborough Over Evolution

  • Herman Cummings

    Proof of a Divine Creator

    The world of theology lends itself mostly to belief in the “God of the
    present and future”. But when it comes time to discuss the “God of
    the past”, theology fails miserably. It has not done it’s homework, in
    addressing the reality of the past. Therefore, theology mostly runs
    away from the “arena of origins”. Their “comfort zone” is gospel
    singing and trusting Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

    The world of current creationism does not understand the Genesis text,
    and is fragmented into various factions which teach misinformation,
    with doctrines which vary from the false to the foolish. However,
    creationism can’t be taught, without the teachers first being trained
    with the facts. Otherwise they would be teaching “propaganda”, and
    misrepresenting the Genesis text, and nothing of value would be gained.

    The world of science is mostly atheistic, which has been misled by the
    falsehoods and foolishness of current creationism, and has blindly decided
    upon unrealistic theories of our origins and history of life, in an attempt to
    explain our beginnings and continued existence.

    Yet the Word of God has always been true, even though those whom we
    thought could correctly explain it, actually did not understand the text
    themselves. Using correct literal interpretation, the biblical truth of
    Genesis reveals far more about our ancient prehistoric past, than modern
    science has ever known.

    Those which teach that modern science can not tell the difference between
    the remains of life forms that died 30,000 years ago, from the remains of
    life forms which died 300,000,000 years ago, are very foolish, and deny
    scientific reality. Do they also teach that the world is flat?

    The book of Genesis does not contain any “creation accounts”. Chapter
    two tells us about the origins of modern mankind, starting in about 7200
    BC. The chapter ends in about 7000 BC, with the addition of Eve, the
    helpmate for Adam. Chapter one is the rendition of the “Observations
    of Moses”, which were six visions given to Moses on Mt. Sinai, during a
    six day period in 1598 BC. Chapter one covers a period of time that
    spans about 4.5 billion years, but each 24-hr day was taken from the first
    week of each geologic area, in biblical order.

    The correct reading of chapter one of Genesis gives undeniable proof of the
    existence of the Living God. Unlike other (human inspired) books, that
    have been called “holy”, the Bible is actually a given interface between our
    finite physical (natural) world, and the infinite supernatural realm, as
    conveyed to more than 40 people over the course of nearly 1700 years. No
    one person, shrouded in suspicion, created this collection of literary works.

    The proof of God’s existence is His revelation to Moses, defining seven
    geologic eras of the past, which Moses could not have known about on his
    own. Secular science would not discover geologic time until 3000 years
    later. Merely reading the “first day” through the “seventh day” has little
    meaning, and has been called “a constructed creation myth”. However,
    in the Gospels, the Lord Jesus reveals the chronological order of the days
    of Moses, to where their true meaning is uncovered. Consider the following:

    A. The Fourth Day of Moses, from Creation Week
    1. Covers the period 4.6 Billion BC to 245 Million BC
    a) Depicts the creation of the (other) celestial bodies

    B. The fifth day of Moses, from Restoration Week 1
    1. Covers the period 245 Million BC to 65 Million BC
    a) Depicts the creation of “sea monsters” and birds
    b) Discovered life forms
    i. ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs,
    and archaeopteryx

    C. The sixth day of Moses, from Restoration Week 2
    1. Covers the period 65 Million BC to 42 Million BC
    a) Depicts the creation of herbivores, large animals, and the
    “remaking” of mankind into God’s image
    b) Discovered life forms
    i. eohippus, indricotherium
    ii. mankind of the period not yet discovered

    These, and the remaining eras of geologic time, are given in the book “Moses
    Didn’t Write About Creation!”, published by PublishAmerica. Starting with
    the Fourth Day, the book puts the seven days in chronological order, as revealed
    by the Living Word.

    The secular world of science may call this a “convenient coincidence”. But it
    is extremely difficult to “explain away” the fact that the “Observations of
    Moses” follow the order of the discovered geologic record of Earth, with
    visions of the ancient life forms shown to Moses, that lived during those
    time periods. Finally, this is the proof of the Living God.

    ISBN-10: 1424182204

    Herman Cummings
    PO Box 1745
    Fortson GA, 31808

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