Conservative MP attacks the British Humanist Association

The British Humanist Association are left wondering ‘Are the Conservatives a Christian party?

The Rt Hon John Gummer MP made an unprovoked attack on British Humanist Association (BHA) staff and volunteers at the BHA stand at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month.

In front of several bystanders, including delegates and other exhibitors, Mr Gummer approached the stand making audible and derogatory comments to his companion about his hatred of humanists and the British Humanist Association. He then walked away backwards, shouting that it was a shame the BHA was there, that the BHA should not be there and that the Conservative Party is a traditional Christian party – is and always has been.

Mr Gummer is of course entitled to his personal opinions about Humanism and humanists, but his claim that the Conservatives are a Christian party is of much wider interest, and not only to the rapidly growing number of non-religious people in the UK.

The BHA has written to the Chair of the Conservative Party seeking clarification of its position and asking for an apology from Mr Gummer, and intends to publish the response it receives.

While the BHA is not aligned to any political party, it took stands at this year’s Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Party conferences.

Eleven Conservative MPs and Peers are members of the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group.

You can read the BHA’s letter to the Conservative Party Chairman here .


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