Mum aged 22 dies for Jehovah leaving behind twins

The Sun

PALS of pretty Emma Gough told last night how the devout Jehovah’s Witness cuddled her newborn twins – then died just hours later after refusing a blood transfusion.

Shopgirl Emma, 22 – whose life could have been saved after complications set in – ticked a form before the birth insisting she should not be given blood.

Medics begged husband Anthony, 24, and other members of Emma’s family to overrule her after she suffered severe blood loss and began slipping away.

But because Jehovah’s Witnesses are barred from having transfusions they refused – insisting the young mum would not want to betray her principles.

Stunned friends last night described her grieving husband – a fellow Witness who has been left to bring up the motherless twin boy and girl – as distraught.

Peter Welsh, 24, was best man at the couple’s beach wedding in Barbados two years ago. He said: “Everyone is devastated by what has happened.

“We can’t believe she died after childbirth in this day and age, with all the technology there is.

“What makes it even more sad is Emma had time to hold and start to bond with her twins before the complications set in.”

Yesterday shattered Anthony, a central heating engineer, was caring for the tots at his home in Telford, Shrops – as the local coroner’s office launched a probe.

He wed Emma, who worked at high street store Next, in December 2005. Friends said the pair had been teenage sweethearts – and described Emma as a “bubbly modern girl, always full of life.”

She had been “ecstatic” to learn she was expecting twins. Emma’s mum Glenda and dad Jim – also Jehovah’s Witnesses – were at her bedside after she gave birth at the Royal Hospital in Shrewsbury.

She died in the early hours of October 25, a week last Thursday.

Yesterday grief-stricken Jim, 43, refused to comment. Both sides of the family – including Anthony’s parents Sham and Ian Gough – closed ranks and remained tightlipped.

A woman relative mixing baby feeds for the twins at Emma’s home insisted: “We have nothing to say.”

Best man Peter – also a Jehovah’s Witness – said: “Luckily Anthony is part of a big family. They will all pitch in to help him bring up the twins.” But he added: “Anthony is in pieces.”

Part of the Jehovah faith says the Bible prohibits the “consumption, storage and transfusion of blood” and quotes the book of Acts.

Some Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that to have a transfusion is the same as consuming or eating blood.

A spokesman for the local Kingdom Hall, where Emma and Anthony worshipped, said: “This is a terrible time for the whole family.

“They are all grieving terribly. The entire Witness community is distraught and including them in their prayers.”

Friend Peter, of Sutton Hill, Telford, told how Emma’s dream had always been to marry on a Caribbean beach. Loving Anthony organised the ceremony as a surprise.

Emma said at the time: “Anthony went ahead and booked it without telling me. You can imagine my surprise.” The excited couple exchanged vows in the tropical sun as a steel band played under palm trees.

Peter said: “Thirty guests, including both sets of parents, arrived a few days before the ceremony. “A local minister was booked to officiate. Emma and Anthony stayed in separate rooms in the hotel because our faith strictly bans sex before marriage. The wedding was the happiest day of their lives.

“They were desperate for a family and no one was surprised to hear Emma was expecting not far into the New Year.

“It was no great surprise that Emma was having twins because they run in Anthony’s family every few generations.

“Emma was as happy as I have ever seen her and looking forward to the birth.

“Now it is up to everyone to rally round and look after Anthony and the twins,” A coroner’s office source confirmed: “We are investigating why she did not have a transfusion. An inquest will be held.”


One response to “Mum aged 22 dies for Jehovah leaving behind twins

  • Gloria Stanley

    My heart goes out to this family, friends and congregation they are associated with.

    No one wants to lose a loved one–no one! Can you imagine how Daniel felt when threatened if he did not “bow” down to an image when he heard instruments ringing? He didn’t and Jehovah protected him. He is gone now, but not only does he live on in the Bible, but most importantly, he is in Jehovah’s memory where death has no hold.

    Revelations 21:4,5 speaks of a time when death will be no more and those who remain faithful will meet their loved ones who are resurrected. This is what we must hold onto. Yes, this takes the sting out of death.

    Gloria Stanley

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