Parents choose religion over their child’s life

OREGON CITY, Oregon (AP) – An Oregon judge has rejected defense claims of selective and vindictive prosecution in the manslaughter trial of a couple whose 15-month-old daughter died of pneumonia while they prayed for her recovery.

Clackamas County Judge Steven Maurer told lawyers for Carl and Raylene Worthington that the couple had a duty to seek medical care for their daughter, Ava, despite their religious beliefs. A state medical examiner has said the toddler, who died in March 2008, could have been treated with antibiotics.

The Worthingtons are members of the Followers of Christ — a small Oregon City church that advocates spiritual healing instead of medical care.

If convicted, the couple faces up to 10 years in prison.


One response to “Parents choose religion over their child’s life

  • Rosa

    Hi I came across this by chance actually. I’m sure i’m not the only one whose fed up with governmental interference with our right to choose! I still grow, dry and use all my own herbs and no government will prevent me from doing so!!! For a start there simply is NO better ‘Antiviral’ than lemon balm dried and then made into an ‘infusion’ (tea). My Mother was African and we were taught about herbs roots etc and their uses from childhood. I used them for my own children whilst they were growing up and i still use them for myself (and friends who will often ask for a bag of a specific herb) I have every intentions of continuing in this way! Why the hell should we permit the government to take away our freedom of choice? Havn’t they done that with too much of our right to choose already? Sooner or later we, as a nation, no matter what country we live in have to make a stand for what we believe to be right! I do NOT however, advocate leaving anyone to die be it child or adult without seeking further assistance from traditional medicines should the herbal ones be insufficient due to the particular nature of an illness. We all have to excercise responsibility and ‘duty of care’ But we DO have the choice to try our OWN ways FIRST!

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